Take a  Southern Maine Lighthouse Tour

Cape Elizabeth Lighthouse

Cape Elizabeth Lighthouse is made of cast iron and features four white flashes every 15 seconds. It’s not open to the public but can be viewed from Two Lights State Park or by boat. 

Whaleback Lighthouse

Located at the mouth of the Piscataqua River, Whaleback Lighthouse can be seen from many locations from Kittery Maine to Rye New Hampshire. The lighthouse was built in 1830 but was soon found to be poorly built and fell into disrepair. 

Wood Island Lighthouse

Accessible only by boat, Wood Island Lighthouse stands 47 feet tall and is built of stone. This tower was constructed in 1808 and then again in 1839, and it includes a keeper’s house, an oil house, and a storage building. Views of the lighthouse can be seen from the East Point Audubon Sanctuary’s trails. 

Halfway Rock Lighthouse

Built in 1871, the light tower stands 76 feet in height. It’s made of granite and features a conical structure with a white and black lantern. The light flashes red every five seconds. 

Ram Island Ledge Lighthouse

Ram Island Ledge Lighthouse is a rugged, weathered light tower located in Casco Bay not far from the Portland shoreline. This lighthouse is 90 feet in height and was constructed in 1905. It features two white flashes every six seconds. 

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