5 TOP Things to Do in Kittery Maine

Fort Foster Park

Check out the park rules before you visit to waste no time exploring this park with views of the Piscataqua River and the Atlantic Ocean. It is open year-round but with limited days and hours between Labor Day and Memorial Day. 

Kittery Historical & Naval Museum

Start your visit with the 25-minute movie taking you through Kittery’s history, then send the kids on a specially-designed scavenger hunt while you explore the history of shipbuilding, fishing, and military prowess. You can even see if you have a relative connected to Kittery’s early days. 

Christmas Prelude

When images of Maine pop into your mind, you’re likely seeing the tourist destination of Kennebunkport. This waterfront community is active throughout the year, with fewer businesses and attractions closing up for the winter. Don’t miss the chance to visit Kennebunkport during the holidays for the Christmas Prelude. 

Isles of Shoals

Nine islands sit 6 miles off the coast, split between the Maine and New Hampshire state line. The Isles of Shoals were first noted in history by Captain John Smith in 1614 — yes, of the Pocahontas story fame — and originally named Smith’s Isles. 

Frisbee’s Whar 

Just outside of the bistro, Frisbee’s Wharf mixes American fare with seafood specials while soaking in the salt hour (open seasonally). 

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