5 BEST Ways to Experience Wells Maine

Wells Reserve at Laudholm

Wells Reserve at Laudholm is one of just 30 National Estuarine Research Reserves in America. It hosts around 200 fun, educational events for both adults and children. 

Spiller Farm

Spiller Farm is run by the Spiller family, which has been farming locally since 1894. The about 110-acre farm offers plentiful strawberries, apples, raspberries, various row crops, hay fields, woods, and a pasture. 

Weathervanes of Maine

The family-owned and run shop has crafted high-quality pieces for more than 30 years, with previous customers including the governor of Maine and the Baseball Hall of Fame located in Cooperstown New York. 

Congdon’s Doughnut

Since 1955, Congdon’s Doughnuts has been serving hot breakfast and some of the best fresh doughnuts that you can find. Nothing pairs better with a steaming cup of coffee than an apple fritter and some corned beef hash. 

Elmwood Resort Hotel

The hotel has an outdoor movie theater, fire pit, picnic area, heated pool, playground, and seasonal live entertainment. 

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