5 BEST Things To Do In Sanford Maine

Nature Walk

Mousam Way North trail (3.9 miles) circles from the northern edge of Number One Pond through a scenic and rugged region along Mill Pond and weaves its way to Indian’s Last Leap, a place of Springvale folklore and a popular swimming hole. 

McDougal Orchard

The fresh harvest gives fall foliage stiff competition, and McDougal Orchards is one of the best in Southern Maine. You can walk through orchards on family-owned land since 1779. 

Smitty’s Cinema & GameLAB

You’ll find something for everyone in the Smitty’s Cinema and GameLAB entertainment complex. There is a dine-in movie theater with the hottest blockbusters, an arcade filled with the top trending games, and a bowling alley with notable neon coloring. 

Pilots Cove Cafe

Your taste buds will really take off at the Pilots Cove Cafe alongside the runway at Sanford Seacoast Regional Airport. Don’t let the name “cafe” fool you. This is a first-class place to be for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and after-hours. 

Huttopia Southern Maine

Yearning for a yurt or a bougie bunkhouse? Look no further than Huttopia Southern Maine where you choose the level of outdoorsy you want to be overnight. 

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