5 BEST Southern Maine Coast Beaches

Drakes Island

While not an island, Drakes Island offers another secluded stretch of beach with a larger paid parking lot and a small accessible free lot a short drive down the road with ramp access to the sand. 

Middle Beach

The next stop on Beach Avenue is Middle Beach, which is a rockier version of the sandy alternative you first encounter, and high tide can quickly eat at available beach spots. This is a great spot for tide-pooling and beachcombing. 

Goose Rocks Beach

Named for the protective barrier that keeps the waves from crashing on a great beach day, Goose Rocks Beach is a stunning 2-mile stretch on the Kennebunkport shore. 

Fortune’s Rocks Beach

Fortune’s Rocks Beach got its name from the love story of a shipwrecked sailor named Francis Fortune, and now the 2-mile span of sand is still welcoming lovers and families to this day. The curved cove here gets a good surf, making it popular for everything from surfing to boogie boarding. 

Two Lights State Park

Trails along the 41 acres of rocky ridges offer views of boat traffic around Portland Harbor. Picnic tables in grassy areas offer great spots to stop and soak up the quintessential Maine outline. 

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