5 BEST Hidden Gems in Freeport Maine

Desert of Maine

While it sounds like the beginning of a joke, there is a desert(ish) part of the Pine Tree State, and you can find it in Freeport Maine at the Desert of Maine. The 20 acres of sand dunes result from over-farming the once lush lands, leaving glacial sands behind. 

Bradbury Mountain State Park

Just 6 miles from Freeport Maine, you can finally get some elevation by climbing Bradbury Mountain State Park. Eight hundred acres of land await, and the climb isn’t extreme with the summit rising just 485 feet above sea level but still offering top-of-the-world views. 

Pettengill Farm

The fragile nature of this 200-year-old home only allows tours during significant events — like Pettengill Farm Day, which is a festival straight outta the 19th century. 

Wilbur’s of Maine Chocolate Factory Tour

Take a tour of the factory on Lower Maine Street without worrying about Willy Wonka’s oddities. Grab some Maine Mud (chocolate sauce), or stick to your diet with Paleo or Keto almonds. 

Mast Landing  Brewing Co. 

It makes sense that Mast Landing Brewing Co. was built on the ground where many great ships were once built. Look for events like open mic night and Sunday brunch. 

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