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Maine …Stay at Home or Re Open ?

Maine is not dense

Our population in Maine is not dense… I mean that literally and intellectually. Maine is a low density state, 1.3 mill people, with ample space to be outdoors, spread out, and enjoy nature – 17 million acres of forestland and 3,500 miles of coast! Larger than the 5 other New England states combined!

Come to think of it, we have more acreage than people!!! More moose? Not quite…

Mainers are not dense… we are resourceful, resilient, and we are very good at social distancing,… lol… we get twitchy if anyone gets wicked close, right?!

“Close” is one word with multiple meanings – applied readily in these unprecedented times”…
Quick grammar review: “close” is a homograph.
Dense is another homograph…

“Close” – as in less than 6 feet apart, the opposite of social distancing.

“Close” – as in our Maine Governor mandated our state to “close” businesses, and to remain “closed” to out-of-staters during the pandemic unless visitors quarantine for 14 days… shut the damn door why don’t ya… excuse me – “close it.”

“Close” – as in “Phew, that was a close one! We almost went out of business, didn’t want to have to “close” after generations of our Maine family owned and operated ___ (fill in the blank business here).”

Close” – as in when you are wicked fond of your Maine cousin… you’re close

Back to my point: Maine as a state is not dense –we’re pretty spread out, and we as Mainers are pretty clever. We like to make our own choices, we historically do the right thing… in fact our state motto is #Dirigo which means – we lead… we don’t follow others  – its not our DNA … and we don’t like being told what we can and cannot do – example: unreasonable, excessive #StayHome executive orders! Curfews! Mask mandates when you’re along outside!

Maine’s Governor Janet Mills exercised her power with her #StayAtHome order since March 2020. Another tyrannical mandate is her #selfquarantine for 14 day, or show a negative Covid test (violating HIPA privacy)  to anyone who comes to Maine from away, or any Mainer returning from away. This simply doesn’t work … if you have been staying at home in your state, and want to drive to Maine for a vacation in so-dubbed #Vacationland – and want to generously contribute to our vital and vibrant Maine’s tourism scene, you should be welcome.

We believe people, when welcomed, to our beautiful Pine Tree State will do the right thing, wear masks when asked, social distance, sanitize, and self-report & quarantine immediately if they feel symptoms.

While we prefer to “lead” (dirigo) we have followed news from states who have remained open, they never did “close” and the majority of their numbers are “close” to ours percentage wise in Maine. No worse, no better statistically – except that we have been in #TimeOut and our economy is “close” to bankrupt.

We hope the powers that be will see to opening Maine for our important tourism businesses, with whatever protocols provide everyone comfort, confidence – implement tests, continue distancing, sanitizing. Have you seen the lobster face-cloth coverings? Wicked clevah! We love the #KptPromise in Kennebunk and Kennebunkport that provides a comprehensive safe re-opening strategy . … it can be done.

Its time for Maine to lead, so that we don’t get left behind and see more Maine businesses “close”. Meawhile, all Mainers can get some amazing #staycation deals on lodging and vacations while #Vacationland remains otherwise “closed” to visitors.

Thank you for listening closely … stay close… whoopsie – not that close …

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As mothers, we can do better …

Of course Black lives matter, I say to my children. Every life matters… hold on, don’t jump to judgement… I show kindness and respect to EVERYONE I encounter – everyday! I have raised two kind, gracious, inclusive children as a result. And they do not discriminate based on race, religion, socioeconomics. I am immensely proud of their passion for justice, their thoughtfulness on political issues, their engagement in their workplace, with their friends, and yes – strangers. Sure, I taught them “stranger danger” when they were little, but I also modeled kindness and compassion to all when they were young – which I see them emulate today.

Funny story, my kids would often eye-roll when I would address a clerk, a teller, a bagger at the store – by calling them by their name (nametag). “Mom, you don’t even know that person,” they would say.  “Well, I’m just spreading kindness, everyone’s favorite word is their own name,” I would say in return.

I displayed, I hope, that each person is an individual, everyone is due their dignity (until proven otherwise). We’re all different but the same. Our children follow our example, whether they’ll admit it at age 20 or not!

Fast forward to 2020, crazy times of Covid! We fear a virus, we fear isolation from the ones we love, and we don’t know the future of societal norms. Will we hug or hand shake again? Ever gather at large celebrations, concerts, sporting events, travel freely?  And just as a glimmer of hope starts to emerge, the pandemic is perhaps lessening its grip, curves are descending, recoveries are ascending, vaccines are pending, and we are resuming some sort of “normalcy”… a vengant act by a White Police officer on a Black man (they had a history of disdain for each other), George Floyd, results in his death, the media focuses on him crying out for his mama.

And just like that …all hope is lost again, fear returns, fear that we have not progressed at all… fear there has been no change in our culture to treat all human beings with equality. Everyone reacts – some with peaceful protests, some in rage and violence, even property destruction, some demanding we don’t need police if this is the brutality and racial bias with which they conduct themselves with. Others demand we wipe out national monuments and delete historical references, Gone With The Wind – gone, Aunt Jemima syrup with your pancakes – no more. Some demand Police be defunded… how will that  help control our violent combative climate, who will respond when you call 911? Weird world 2020.

I am not a feminist, I am not a racist – I don’t discriminate … I am a mother, who taught her children to be kind, to respect all color, creed, women, men – all equal – all individuals should be treated with equal respect…  I also demonstrated that words are our best tools, not violence or rage, and certainly never hatred.  So of course #BlackLivesMatter

But that is not enough right now…. and now my children are calling on me in my “white privilege” – to be better, to do better…  Both my kids have said, “mom you have a powerful platform to shine light on this darkness.”  That was nice to hear… So I acknowledge the reality that racism sadly still exists in our society. Even after electing a Black President, and Oprah has appeared in most living rooms, even though we listen to and love music from Black artists, the talent of Black actors, comedians, authors, we admire the skills and stamina of professional Black athletes and the list goes on …  racism is still rampant in the U.S. – an abbreviation that should band Us together, yet in 2020 we are more divided than united than I recall in half a century.

I don’t see racial discrimination in my daily comings and goings in my little seaside town in Maine… but I know racism still exists… and its not okay. How do we do better? As mothers, how do we stop the cycle? Children are not born with racial bias, race discrimination is taught. That’s very Black and White… no gray there!

How do wipe away the fear that black mothers live with, fear for their children being judged without cause, being discriminated against, or worse – being harmed – purely due to the color of their skin? Sure, I feared when my kids hopped on their bikes and disappeared from my sight. But my concern was for them scraping a knee, not being mugged, attacked or shot because they’re Black.

Over 70 percent of Black kids are born outside of wedlock. 2.5 million Black men live with their children in the U.S., while 1.7 million do not, according to the CDC. In some communities, like southeast Washington, D.C, a staggering 84 percent of Black children live in homes without a father. As a parent, as a mother, my concerns for this pattern of single mother parenting… the resulting economic struggle and social hardships … and the cycle that repeats. Its not racism, its my pragmatism that I believe two adult minds, two incomes, co-parenting, team discipline, more attention to children and more love are all better than just one adult per household.

This generation, my 20-something kids in 2020, are finally truly appalled by systemic racism in our nation, where previous generations blamed their parents, or the culture, or ignored it all together.  My stepfather was racist, racial slurs were in his daily vernacular, though he thought it harmless, said he had black friends that didn’t care. I tried to “school” him but he wouldn’t listen, so I ignored him, and I tried to be better.

I don’t have the answers, I only pose the question, how can I do better, how can we do better? For our children, for Blacks in our community and in our country. We can’t rewrite history, now should we erase it – or we’re doomed to repeat it, and the cycle of oppression. We need education, we need to instill compassion and opportunity for all.  But how? I will do my part by saying its not ok… starting today – I will not ignore or minimize it … I want to do better… race discrimination is taught. It needs to stop. Black families need better unity, better role models, better futures.

By current definition: Racism is the belief that groups of humans possess different behavioral traits corresponding to physical appearance and can be divided based on the superiority of one race over another.

Superiority of one race over another? Being “divided” when we need to be united? Does that make sense to you? Not me… it needs to stop… I vow to do better. Black Lives Matter and we all matter in this mission to stop the hatred.

Thank you, Heather Burke, mother of two, kindness matters…

Shore Signs of Spring In Maine

Spring has arrived in Maine…sometimes its slow to arrive, with snow in April and skiing til May at Sugarloaf. Maine winters can be long, cold and snowy – skiers and snowmobiler love it but some folks just long for spring. Longer warmer days, beach weather and beautiful flowers. Cheers – spring is here!

Here are 7 shore signs of Spring in Maine:
Flowers popping their tender heads out of garden beds… the bright yellow daffodils, purple pansies, regal red tulips and golden forsythia buds busting forth – say that 3 times!

Shrink wrap ripping of boats as trailers and hauls drop boats into the water – well not literally dropping the boats – that would be a bad start to the yacht season!

Shorts – As the barometer peaks over 60, bold brave eager Mainers shed their long LL Bean layers and don shorts for the first time since September. Beware the bright white legs that have been under rap all winter.

Decks at your favorite Maine restaurants on the water are opening up faster than you can say “let’s get a drink down by the water.”

Portland’s Sea Dogs are playing ball. Nothing says spring in Maine like a home opener of baseball at Portland’s Hadlock Field with Slugger the Sea Dog and the Boston Red Sox Double A Team.

Lawns – the purr of lawnmowers returns as homeowners greet and groom the green grass they have missed  – buried under a winter coat of snow.

Lobster – yes it’s the season to start cracking into Maine lobster again. Here’s praying for a plentiful yield of crustacean this year. Maine lobstermen have set and exceeded their records for the biggest catch for seven straight years… insert clap of claws here.

Cheers to spring in Maine! Get in your short, get on a boat, go to the beach, catch a ballgame, enjoy a beer on a waterfront deck, and enjoy some Maine lobster.

For Maine lodging, visit Southern Maine Coast Lodging Guide , Visit Maine Lodging Directory, and Kennebunkport Maine Lodging Guide.

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Best Events on the Southern Maine Coast

wells-so-beach3There are so many fun events in Maine from Kittery to Kennebunkport and Portland Maine. You just have to “sea” some of these zany vibrant foodies fun festivals to appreciate how Maine does things, fun parades, parties, and celebrations …”The Way Life Should Be”!

Every Saturday in Kennebunk is a Farmers Market from 8-1pm. Fridays throughout Southern Maine.Art Walks occur every Friday evening  in Maine – the 1st Friday in Portland, 2nd Friday is the Village Art Walk in the Lower Village Kennebunk and Kennebunkport, and 3rd Friday Art Walk in downtown Kennebunk.

The Padpaddle-boarder2dle Battle at the river front Nonantum Resort in Kennebunkport is in August – this  annual race of canoes, paddleboards and kayaks on the Kennebunk River starts at the resort,  register for the race here.  Food, music and fun are part of the event for non-paddlers too on this Father’s Day.

Southern Maine Fireworks DisplayFireworks at Old Orchard Beach every Thursday night  on the beach next to the Old Orchard Beach Pier all summer June 25 – September 3rd.

July 4th  fireworks on the coast at Maine Beach Towns including York, Ogunquit, Wells, Kennebunk Old Orchard Beach, Portland.

pineapple-ketchThe Tallships Parade Comes to Portland Maine mid  July – Portland Harbor hosts 8istoric tallships on their final stop of the  Tallships Challenge. The highlight, the Tallships Parade, sails into Portland Harbor.

Nonantum Resort Kennebunkport has live entertainment and riverfront dining Monday – Thursday all summer 6:30-9:30.

Stripers Waterside Restaurant stripers-lobster-bakeat the Breakwater Inn in Kennebunkport has an authentic  Maine Lobster Clambake every Monday night at 6pm served outside on the river with beautiful sunset views.

August brings Wells Annual Chilifest at Wells Harbor – a Mexican fiesta in Maine as Wells best restaurants compete for the best chili title.

breakwater-river-view7Laudholm Summer Solstice Nature Crafts Festival in Wells is the 1st Weekend after Labor Day featuring 100 artisans, jewelers, and crafts people display at Wells Laudholm Farms.

portland-headlightMaine Open Lighthouse Day is mid-September with free admission to Maine lighthouses along the coast

Maine Lobsterman Triathlon in South Freeport is September as well.

cape-neddick-yorkFor lodging on the Southern Maine Coast during any of these events and festivals, go to our Lodging Deals Guide.

For a list of Events throughout Maine, see our Maine events page.

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Maine Summer Concerts and Theatre

wells-so-beach3Summer on the Maine coast means more than just beaches, lighthouse beacons and breaking into a fresh Maine lobster. You can add some culture to that side of Maine crustacean… after all summer stock theatre on the southern Maine coast is classic, and some of the best bands and performers come to the coast to host concerts and performances. Let’s just say it a good gig for the audience as well as the band.

ogunplayHere are the top theaters and concert venues on the southern Maine coast:
The Ogunquit Playhouse got its start in 1933, in a garage, during the depression when Walter Hartwig brought the Manhattan Theatre Colony to Maine.  In 1937, the playhouse moved to its current location on Maine Street, Route 1. In 1951, John Lane took the reins, before Bradford Kenney. The Ogunquit Playhouse brings top off Broadway productions and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
2020 is Ogunquit Playhouse 89th season!

kennebunkport-festival-singerHackmatack Playhouse in Berwick was founded in 1972 as a classic summer stock theatre in a 1716 barn, the old Gupthill farm in pastoral south western Maine.

dine-kennebunk-innVinegar Hill Music Theatre is Maine’s cool music venue, in the old Arundel Barn Playhouse near Kennebunk and Kennebunkport.  The new name Vinegar Hill pays tribute to the history of this area in Arundel and the Smith Sister’s Farm. Tim Harrington (also of  Kennebunkport Resort Collection) is the man behind the scenes as Vinegar Hill’s managing partner, with Broadway experienced George Dvorsky as Creative Director. Vinegar Hill will be more music venue than playhouse.

portland-headlightPortland Maine State Pier brings in top shelf bands in summer, open air with a view of the ocean.

At the Cross Insurance Center in Portland, aka the Portland Civic Center, you can see summer rock concerts, coutnry western and even the occasional ice show between hockey games in winter.

Kittery Star Theatre and Community Center is another cool venue for music, productions and theater camps.

kennebunkport-festival-tentSo there are just a few fun performances and plays to mix in with your time at the Beach in York, Wells, Ogunquit, Kennebunkport, Old Orchard Beach and Portland Maine! May your summer be full of fun, music and theatre.

See our Southern Maine Coast lodging guide  for lodging in Portland, Kennebunkport, Wells, Ogunquit, Kittery and York.

Photos by Greg Burke, see more at Southern Maine Coast Lodging Guide , Visit Maine Lodging Directory, and Kennebunkport Maine Lodging Guide.

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Maine Beach Getaways in Winter

The true beauty of the southern Maine coast is you can walk the beach year round. Southern Maine is legendary for its long sandy stretches of pristine, picture perfect beaches, from York to Wells, Ogunquit to Kennebunkport, Old Orchard Beach to Portland! While everyone comes for a Maine beach vacation in the summer.

Spring, fall and winter on the Maine coast are undiscovered gems for long beach walks, finding smooth beach stones, sea glass and shells, even the occasional lobster pot after a storm out to sea. What’s especially enjoyable about the southern Maine coast is that the Atlantic Ocean provides warmth in colder weather, with the sea temperature averaging in the 40’s. So seaside towns are more temperate often than inland and toward the Maine mountains.

The other bonus of a winter Maine beach vacation is great off-season lodging rates at the best waterfront inns and hotels, not to mention free available parking by the beach.

Here are some great oceanfront resorts, steps to beaches  – ideal for a winter getaway:

York Harbor Inn  in York Maine – a romantic BnB walking distance to Harbor Beach, with a cozy Ships Cellar Pub for happy hour.
Ogunquit Resort Motel in Ogunquit – near Footbridge Beach and Town, affordable and friendly lodging.
Cliff House Resort and Spa– which just underwent a complete renovation in Cape Neddick near Ogunquit.
Misty Harbor Resort in Wells is a short walk to Wells Beach Maine – with suite lodging and an indoor pool and spa too!
Village by the Sea in Wells is not far from the beach, and has an indoor pool and condo style lodging!
Seaside Inn in Kennebunk is steps to the a beautiful sandy beach, with an outdoor ocean view hot tub,  and its a nice walk to Kennebunkport.
Breakwater Inn and Spa is right on the river with ocean views, a short walk to a beach, shops and restaurants,  and a pleasant stroll to President Bush’s Walkers Point home on scenic Ocean Ave in Kennebunkport. Stripers Waterfront Restaurant is on site with a great happy hour, sunsets and lobster specials!
Rhumb Line Resort in Kennebunkport has an indoor pool and spa, plus an outdoor hot tub, and is great for families, in Kennebunkport, a short drive to several sandy beaches.

In Portland Maine, stay in town in the Old Port at Portland Regency and you’re a short drive to Portland Headlight and beaches, best of all you walk around Portland’s great boutiques and bars from the hotel.

So make plans for a Maine beach break – this winter! Stroll the beach, save on lodging with off season special, walk in to your favorite restaurants for lobster and enjoy local happy hour specials at some of Maine’s best restaurants…  it’s a shore cure for cabin fever and winter blues, and sure easier and less expensive than flying to a tropical island.

See more at Southern Maine Coast Lodging Guide , Visit Maine Lodging Directory, and Kennebunkport Maine Lodging Guide.

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The Patriots are coming to Ogunquit this Spring

The beautiful coastal town of Ogunquit was established in 1686. To this day, Ogunquit carries a proud heritage of sea faring, coastal art and seafood. The “beautiful place by the sea”, Ogunquit’s translation in Abenaki, celebrates its seaside vibrancy with festivals.  perhaps the biggest event is Ogunquit’s Annual Patriots Day Weekend celebration mid April !

The entire ocean front communities turns out and celebrates with historical characters walking the streets, musterings, and fife & drum concerts, craft fairs, Colonial treasure hunts, and a Chefs’ taste of the Town. this year marks the 29th Annual Patriots Weekend in Ogunquit with some extra fun events like a Pooch Pageant, Washington Crossing the Delaware, and Maine Street – Ogunquit’s biggest nightclub – celebrating with a big Friday night party. For lodging during this fun festive weekend, see our Guide to Ogunquit’s best lodging.

Ogunquit’s Annual Patriots Day Weekend Events:
All Weekend Long
 Complete your Patriots Day booklet to the Chamber at the Main Beach tent, and be entered to win a prize! As a bonus, answer the question on the entry card correctly, and we will double your prize!

HISTORICAL BUILDING HUNT (throughout Ogunquit) Patriots Day celebrates Ogunquit’s history. Draw at least six of the following the most historic buildings and landmarks in your Patriots Day booklet and be entered to win a prize: Ogunquit Memorial Library, Ogunquit Heritage Museum, Ogunquit Museum of American Art, Ogunquit Playhouse, Marginal Way Lighthouse, Perkins Cove Bridge, Footbridge (at Footbridge Beach), pedestrian bridge (at end of Wharf Lane)

Patriots Day 2020 was cancelled due to Covid-19, wait for Patriots Day 2021 details!
Previous year’s Events:
FRIDAY, APRIL 12, 2019
9:00am-5:00pm: LIBRARY BOOK SALE (Ogunquit Memorial Library) Used book sale, with proceeds to fund the Ogunquit Memorial Library.

5:00pm: FUNDRAISING FRIDAY (Bintliff’s Restaurant, 335 Main Street). 

7pm: HISTORICAL RE-ENACTMENT: Boston Tea Party,  You’ve heard the dramatic tale  – now see it come to life at Perkins Cove.

8pm: FIFE & DRUM PARADE (upstairs at Ogunquit Baptist Church, Shore Road) Historic characters play revolutionary music in a fife and drum concert at the Ogunquit Baptist Church!

9pm: MAINESTREET party (Mainestreet). – Ogunquit’s biggest wildest night club. Fun music, drinks, dancing, 21+.

OGUNQUIT STOCKS, AND  PHOTO OPS (Main Beach Parking Lot & Perkins Cove) Selfie photo opportunities for the whole family! Don’t worry, the stocks don’t lock, but they will be available all weekend for photo opportunities. Another fun photo opportunity available with a life-size cut-out stand-up where you can take a photo of yourself dressed in old-time bathing suits, as Uncle Sam, and more!

COLONIAL FLAG TREASURE HUNT (under the tents at the Beach) Find all of the flags at the craft fair. Using the page in your brochure, draw each flag in the appropriate colony’s box. Don’t worry, you aren’t being judged for artistic talent! We may throw in some other Colonial-era flags in to throw you off the trail! Turn in your solution at the Ogunquit Chamber table under the tent, and be entered to win a prize.

GUESS THE WEIGHT OF THE TEA CHEST (under the tents at the beach) How much did a tea chest weigh? Look at the chest and guess what it would have weighed when full of tea. No, as a safety precaution, you will not get to lift the box! As a bonus, answer the question on the entry card correctly, and we will double your prize! 

9:00am – 4:00pm: BEACH BAZAAR ( Kennebunk Savings Bank tents at the Beach parking lot) Over 50 vendors will sell their wares under the tent! We’re collecting donations of non-perishable food for York County Shelter Program, and pet food for the Animal Welfare Society.

9:00am-5:00pm: OGUNQUIT MEMORIAL LIBRARY BOOK SALE (Ogunquit Memorial Library)

10am – 11am: COLONIAL CHILDREN’S GAMES AND CRAFTS (Ogunquit Baptist Church, 157 Shore Road) Play games from the colonial era, and make your own to take home and play later!

12:00 noon: AMERICAN PIE CONTEST (downstairs at the Dunaway Center, 23 School Street) Submit one home-made pie in an “American” flavor to our “celebrity judges”. Pies will be judged during Taste of the Town in the following categories: theme, appearance, and taste. The grand prize winner will receive $50 in Gift of Ogunquit gift certificates, and the recipe will be featured in the next edition of our Ogunquit cookbook. Of course the best prize is the bragging rights for having made the best pie in Ogunquit! Winners will be announced after Taste of the Town.

11:30 – 1pm: “TASTE OF THE TOWN” (Dunaway Center, 23 School Street) A variety of Ogunquit restaurants’ top Chefs will serve up their special dishes for you to try out! Buy tickets at the door or ahead of time under the tent at the beach. Tickets  are $10, $15 for VIP admission early at 11am. Brign a donation for the local food pantry or animal shelter.

1:30pm: FIFE AND DRUM COPR CONCERT (Ogunquit Heritage Museum) .

SUNDAY, APRIL 14, 2019
10:00am – 3:00pm: BEACH BAZAAR (at the Kennebunk Savings Bank tent at the Main Beach parking lot) See Saturday description.

10:00am – 3:00pm: HAY RIDES (Main Beach Parking Lot. Weather permitting.) $5 per person.

11am: RE-ENACTENT OF THE FLAG RAISING AT IWO JIMA (Marginal Way) While the flag raising at Iwo Jima did not take place during the Revolutionary War, we take a moment to remember and give thanks to all of those who have fought for our freedom throughout our history. Weather permitting.

12:30pm: PATRIOTIC POOCH PAGEANT AND FASHION SHOW (Liquid Dreams parking lot, 696 Main Street. Weather permitting.) Dress your dog in costume, or just come to watch the show! Two costume categories: Patriotic(red, white, and blue) and Favorite American figure. Prizes will be awarded for most patriotic costume and best costume impersonation. Animal Welfare Society will be there to feature some of their adoptable dogs.

See more Southern Maine Coast events and festivals, like the Kennebunkport Festival, and visit Ogunquit, Wells, Kennebunkport and Portland Maine soon.

For Maine lodging, visit Southern Maine Coast Lodging Guide , Visit Maine Lodging Directory, and Kennebunkport Maine Lodging Guide.

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Reasons you Should Visit Southern Maine

Whether you’re skydiving 10,000 feet above the ground, sailing off the coast of Maine’s shorelines, standing at the summit of a mountain or scuba diving under the Atlantic’s waters, a visit to Southern Maine is about gaining perspective. It’s getting away from it all to behold the majesty of Nature and reveling in the friendly Maine culture and finding repose in your quaint lodging.

Coastal Excursions

Kayaking in Kennebunk1. Rent a kayak or take a guided tour exploring the coast from York to Portland. Kayak Excursions. Kennebunkport, ME.

2. Navigate through Maine’s largest salt marsh in Scarborough sighting wildlife and removing yourself from the hustle and bustle of city sounds. Canoe Trips, Scarborough, ME.

3. Go fish from  the Kennebunk River with Libreti Rose and Captain Bruce. Departing from the docks at Nonantum Resort on Ocean Ave in Kennebunkport, ME.

4. Haul in a lobster trap on the Rugosa Lobster Boat Tour along the Kennebunk River and Walker’s Point. Kennebunkport, ME.

Pineapple Ketch Boat Tours5. Hop onboard the Pineapple Ketch for scenic coastal sailing excursions along the shores of Kennebunkport. Kennebunkport, ME.

Land Lubbers Activities

6. Leave the sights and sounds of  the metropolis at Ferry Beach State Park with nature trails and walks on the beach. Stay the night at Ferry Beach Association. Saco , ME.

7. Immerse in merriment at The Old Orchard Beach Pier – where you will find a seven mile beach, live music, games, fair food and events. Old Orchard Beach, ME.

8. Peruse the fine arts and spectacular sculptures at the Portland Museum of Art, Maine’s oldest art museum exhibiting pieces dating from the 18th Century to present date. Portland, ME.

Biking in Kennebunkport Maine9. Take off on a bike ride through scenic coastal paths and maintained wooded terrain at Kennebunkport Conservation Trust, Bridle Path. Rent bikes and find more trails through Kennebunkport Bicycle Co.. Kennebunkport, ME.

10. Bring the kids next door from the Portland Museum of Art to the Children’s Museum of Maine  and keep them busy with the toddler park, cave and farm, space shuttle, interactive science exhibits, and camera-obscura theatre.

11. Visit Maine’s curious natural phenomenon at the Desert of Maine with nature trails through sand dunes, glass museum, butterfly room and camps.

We hope you enjoy your visit to Southern Maine. See more attractions and things to do in Southern Maine.

Photos by Greg Burke, see more at Southern Maine Coast Lodging Guide , Visit Maine Lodging Directory, and Kennebunkport Maine Lodging Guide.

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Southern Maine 4th of July Fireworks

Southern Maine Fireworks DisplayFor all of us who call America our home, celebrating 4th of July means we’re honoring the Independence of our country. It also means enjoying outdoor BBQs and beer with friends and family while sporting silly 4th of July hats. And of course 4th of July Fireworks Display is the highlight of the holiday.  It’s one of the few major holidays Americans can celebrate during the warmth of summer, at least for us New Englanders. We’d like to contend that there’s nowhere better than Southern Maine to observe the fantastic bright displays contrasting the dark summer sky while sitting back on the beach with toes in the sand. There are still rooms available in Southern Maine’s coastal towns for those who have procrastinated on their 4th of July getaway. So for those aiming to catch the best fireworks in a simply terrific aspect of Maine, here are all the 4th of July Firework Displays scheduled in Southern Maine from York to Freeport. Continue reading Southern Maine 4th of July Fireworks

Father’s Day Getaway Ideas to Maine

Kennebunkport Sailing ToursFathers day is coming! We think it’s time to show dad how much we actually care.  What better way than trip to Maine to celebrate Father’s Day? From sailing the coast of Maine, teeing off with rolling forested landscapes, touring local Maine breweries, and lounging at the beach, Southern Maine is sure to appeal to Fathers and their families. Continue reading Father’s Day Getaway Ideas to Maine