Get Your Holiday Shopping Done

Kittery Outlet MallIts the holiday season with Christmas coming, and New Years sneaking up. Of course, now is the time to take your holiday shopping off the to do list, and there’s nowhere better to go in Maine than our famous Kittery Outlets and Freeport shops.

Just north of Portsmouth, NH, the Kittery Outlets draw holiday shoppers for its diversity of shops perfect for getting holiday shopping done all in one place. Among the most famous is the Kittery Trading Post offering quality items from  outdoor equipment ranging from hunting rifles, fishing gear, rugged boots and alpine ski and snowboarding gear. Like L.L. Bean in Freeport,  Kittery Outlet is adorned with bears, deer and moose – taxidermed animals which  fascinates kids and entertains all of us while we shop.

With well over a hundred shops, The Kittery Outlets offer apparel, sportswear, shoes, accessories, specialty items, furniture. Here, you’ll find stores including Coach, Eddie Bauer, Coldwater Creek, Banana Republic, Gap, Brook Brothers and of course, the Kittery Trading Post to name a few.

consider visiting the Freeport Outlets including L.L. Bean, Old Navy, or North Face in a Maine midweek shopping spree. If you’re coming from Boston, you would do well to find lodgings in the area.