Walking in a Winter Wonderland: In Kennebunk!

Living within 40 minutes of the coast in Southern Maine, the beach is one of my favorite hot spots to visit especially Wells Beach, Ogunquit Beach and Long Beach in York. Last weekend, Kennebunk Beach was calling for me. With my scarf, gloves and hat I took to the Maine coast on a chilly December day.

Winter Surfing in MaineFor those living out of range for a day trip to the beach, you may be surprised that off season, the beach is a popular spot for a walk outside. I like to call it walking in a winter wonderland, that is, without the snow. During Maine’s off-season, many locals take their dogs on a walk along the beach where dog prohibits are lifted. You’ll even see winter surfers taking advantage of the waves like these guys here (right). Burr!

The beach is one of my favorite places for a walk during the winter in Maine as it greatly contrasts the scenery during the summer. Without the throng of summer tourists, you can walk along the coast without navigating through crowds and without fear of getting hit by a Frisbee. Last Saturday, the sun was shining and the Kennebunk Beach was enveloped in a silent haze where the only sound was the perpetual thrum of waves–truly a walk in a winter wonderland. Until you run into a man like in the picture below. No, he was not homeless and no, he was not crazy. At least not that I gathered. He was simply a fellow beach goer relishing the quietude of the wintery beach.

Kennebunk Beach in the WinterIf you are ever visiting the Maine coast during the winter, visit our Maine Winter Guide to find more information on winter sporting or feel free to leave a comment below and ask us for any tips on where to go and what to do. We can also help you find a place to stay for your vacation or Maine getaway in our Lodging Directory.