From Fenway to Hadlock: Slugger’s Journey

Portland Sea Dog's GameMay 4th is a special day at Fenway Park in Boston, not only because the Sox are playing the Oakland Athletics, but it is the starting point of a major trek. Just before the game, Portland Sea Dog’s mascot, Slugger is scheduled to begin his journey from Fenway Park to Hadlock Field in Portland to raise awareness for children with Tourette’s Syndrome (TS) and to raise money for non-profit organizations. He is expected to arrive at Hadlock Field in Portland on May 8th–just in time to celebrate his 20th birthday during the Sea Dog’s game against New Hampshire Fisher Cats.

Donations will go towards non-profit organizations including Tourette’s Syndrome Association for their Youth Ambassador Program and Camp Twitch and Shout. Tourette Syndrome is a condition in which those afflicted exhibit uncontrollable actions, known as tics like shouting, twitching etc. Children with TS are especially at risk for bullying and emotional well being due to the lack of awareness and understanding for the disease.

You can follow Slugger’s 4 day journey on Twitter: @Slugger_SeaDog. Come visit Portland for this event-catch a Sea Dog game, stay the night, go out and about the city and have a good time.

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